Can I keep the onboard adapter enabled when I install a dedicated video card in the HP DC7700?

Hi all,

I have an HP DC7700 with onboard video. I've installed an nVidia Quadro NVS 285 (dual monitor) card. By default the onboard video is disabled automatically as soon as you install a PCI-E card.

Anyone know if it's possible to enable it and use both to run 3 displays?

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maninblac1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
That should have the intel 3000 series integrated graphics i believe.  That configuration would not be supported.  Windows can only support one main graphics driver, so you couldn't run the intel and nvidia cards at the same time.
No any Video card intalled on machine  will  disable the Mb  vga, and that cause the mb can not dual read bus  circut and slot  circut toghther if successful  to  read the card the machine will  halt and  will  not  start up the os
Both answers above are correct, this won't be supported. One main reason is due to the difference in video chipsets on the MB and video card. The OS can only run one set of drivers for video.
If you require another video output, you could probably install an Nvidea PCI video card that would be compatible with the driver installed for the quadro
davebergeronAuthor Commented:
Thanks all for your comments! I've decided based on your comments to purchase a 2nd video card (PCI) and augment to 3 displays.

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