Orcladmin password reset

Dear Sir,
I have installed oracle application server
It was running fine no problem.But after some day, when I tried to log in into oiddas, "orcladmin" password is asking. After giving the password which I have set, the url is showing password expires.
I tried to change the "orcladmin" password from "oidadmin" utility. But still when I tried to log in again in oiddas the same error is comming.I tried several times but nothing is going on.
Please sjuggest me the procedure to log in into the oiddas.
Its urgent.
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pageastAuthor Commented:
Enterprise Manager (Portal Instance)/Portal:portal/Administration/Portal Dad Settings
Here it has been given that I can reset the "portal" database user. I only wanted to know whether it change the "orcladmin" password or not?
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