How do I configure Exchange and Outlook for HTTP / RPC connection without ISA?

I currently have Outlook 2007 and Exchange 2003 on SBS 2003 with latest service packs / hotfixes.

Everything works fine via my network and VPN.  I can also successfully use OWA from my machine without any certificate errors.

I have now tried to connect HTTP/RPC and continue to get errors.  I have configured my Outlook as and where = the same thing I use for OWA.  I have NTLM Auth. turned on.

I do NOT have ISA installed and would prefer not to.  I have port 443 forwarded to my Exchanger server and again this works fine for OWA.  I have read where this will work as I have it configured but I'm having no luck at all.

Any suggestions?

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JoWickermanConnect With a Mentor Commented:

You need to configure Digital Certiciate ...

You can get a free trial from WWW.RAPIDSSL.COM 

Me too had tried a lot with out certificate, it never worked ... But as soon as I added certificate , worked easily..

Go to RAPIDSSL site , they have detailed HOW-TOs , to configure certificate in your IIS ... It is not difficult , very easy only ..

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