Citrix 4.5 Maximized Applications is covered by Task Bar

Hi Guys,

Hope someone will be able to help us here.

Certain number of our staff on either single and dual screens are having issues with the task bars and maximized applications (such as Excel, Word, Internet Explorer, etc..)

It affects some users on single screen, but on dual screen, it only affects only the 2nd extended screen.

Does anyone know what we should do to fix this  issue?  We have the latest Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 installed and it doesn't affect all of our staff though.

Thank you in advance~!

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Carl WebsterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you running HRP02 or HRP03?  03 should include all the hotfixes the fixed a LOT of issues with multi-display setups, taskbar, start menu and child Window issues.  

If you are running HRP02, I know that Hotfix PSE450R02W2K3040 fixed every issue for one of my customers.  They also had to install W2K3018 but I don't see that hotfix as available any more.
What version of Citrix Client are the users using?

This is probably the mmhook.dll in c:\program files\citrix\system32  Change this file to an older one or a newer one and try again. You cannot change this on a server in production, but when it changed you can test it directly. No reboot required.

There are also 2 other dll files it can be, just try this first.

Best regards
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This was a bug in HRP02 that is fixed in HRP03,
Yes, I had this same issue but it was fixed on x64 by installing the latest roll-up pack as was said above
ezskolAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the late response, we ahave the latest version as mention above but to no avail...
ezskolAuthor Commented:
few months later, still the same issue.  Anyone?
So you are patched with HRP03?

I had the excact problem that you got on CPS 4.5 HRP02. After installing HRP03 the problem was gone.

Carl WebsterCommented:
You have never told us what hotfix level you are on that server.  Install HRP03.
ezskolAuthor Commented:
HRP03 is already installed, but this issue hasn't been fix yet.
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