@@SERVERNAME equivalent in mysql

Hi, we are migrating our DB from mssql to mysql.
please let me know @@SERVERNAME equivalent in mysql
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Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
with due respect, but despite the requests of the moderators, you still have 33 questions open (including this one).
EE is a collaborative site, and you have to follow EE rules.

technically, as I repeated in several questions, your migration from MS SQL server to MySQL is just fool work, especially as you seem to know NOTHING about MySQL, apart from the fact that NOTHING that mssql has apart from the standard sql language is present in MySQL, so WHY do you continue migrating/asking these questions BEFORE even searching the docs/google/? ...

UmeshSenior Principal Technical Support EngineerCommented:
Even I requested in my several posts about open questions but no luck...forget the open/close issues.. you never turn back whether the provided solution works or not.. I'm sure you never look into it once you got the solution otherwise you wouldn't have posted some many comments.... at least you should communicate the end person who is spending time in helping others..

About the comparison and all those things... Im completely agree with Angell..
vijji_lakshmiAuthor Commented:
hey angelIII/ushastry:
 i am sorry for not closing the open qtns.
but the sentence you made "as I repeated in several questions, your migration from MS SQL server to MySQL is just fool work"...
this is our project requirement.so,we should do it.
we are not doing it for time pass...
you said i am asking qtns with out searching in google... is completely wrong.
after searching in google only iam posting qtns.

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UmeshSenior Principal Technical Support EngineerCommented:
BTW, Did you happen to check the Migration Tool kit provid3ed by MySQL for converting MSSQL->MySQL ?\

Please check and see if that can help you in any way. Take a look at the download section of www.mysql.com
vijji_lakshmiAuthor Commented:
Hi ushastry,
    we should not use any tools to migrate.
please let me know the anser to my qtn "@@SERVERNAME equivalent in mysql"
UmeshSenior Principal Technical Support EngineerCommented:
This way you can get the details..

select @@hostname;
show global VARIABLES like 'hostname';

Please close your questions so that anyone will pickup your question and will answer.. if you don't close your questions on time.. then I'm afraid nobody will care to attempt.

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