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wave lines vibration problem lcd monitor

I have got  a new monitor that has an analog and a dvi connections but my laptop has only analog and hdmi outputs so I used the analog cable to connect because I don't have hdmi to dvi cable.  I noticed after several days that there are wavy lines on the monitor? is this lcd monitor faulty?  thanks!

the monitor is aoc 19inch
5 Solutions
you can always test the monitor on another system, to be sure !
is there a fan or other electrical device nearby \ the laptop on top of the monitor?? (that will cause lines)

if not is a resolution issue try changing the Mgtz from say 75 to 60 etc..
Perhaps you need a better quality VGA cable with ferro rings to combat interference in the cable.
This pic shows the higher quality cable on top and the poorer on the bottom.

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fm250Author Commented:
thank you all for the comments. I tried to change from 60 to 75 - the other way around- and that reduces the lines, so I can hardly see wavy lines if I get very close to it. I will try it on another compute and see.  
you can make the htz whatever your vid card and CRT will support... if it causes a reduction, try going lower \ higher.
Be careful of going higher with the refresh rate HZ as it can damage the monitor. A refresh rate of 60 HZ is usually the norm for LCD screens.
Do you have a model number for this monitor, that should help in deciding the proper refresh rate through its specs.
Confirm that you don't have some kind of EMI source nearby (fans, cell phones, non-shielded speakers, or heater) - if you move the monitor around on the desk, you may notice it subsides or increases (as it gets closer to the source.)
Sam CohenConsultant to Digital/DeveloperCommented:
If you have wavy lines, this can be only 2 issues.
Bad, wrong Voltage or Faulty Power supply.
Video board Cable is loose inside.

If still under warranty take back to the store, dont send to Manufacturer , if you can avoid this.
Make sure you do not daisy-chain any surge protectors or power strips for the LCD power supply/cable.
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