want to avoid a dialog box when running a script

I have created a batch file (.cmd) that adds a few  registry parameters to the users profile and then launch the application. then published the file in citrix. when the user is launching this file, there is a dialog box asking the user to select either


when he clicks on run, it works fine. i dont want this dialog box to appear. is there a switch that i need to add to supress this dialog box and directly run the batch file
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The dialog box is a security measure put in place since .CMD files are often used for malicious purposes. It also is shown for files that have been freshly downloaded from the internet.

There should be a checkbox on that dialog box that says "Always ask before opening this file" or something on that order that you can uncheck to suppress the dialogue box.
Alternatively, try running CMD.EXE with command line parameters pointing to your batch file.

   cmd.exe /c "C:\somefolder\somescript.cmd"

This will launch CMD.EXE which should be trusted.
mgmohiuddinAuthor Commented:
i did that but the the application is not starting and giving an error
Where is the batch file located?  Sounds like maybe it is in a network location?  If so, can it be stored on the C drive of the Citrix server to see if the warning message goes away?
(and can every executable referred to in the batch file also be located on the C drive?)

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