I've upgraded from NT Domain to Windows 2003 Domain.
The Old NT Domain name it was named HGG.
The new 2003 Domain is naned  HGG.LOCAL.
Before the upgrade, the users access our intranet site with the Url http://Intranet.hgg.
After the upgrade is not possible to access the intranet site with the same URL (intranet.hgg).
I've try to insert a CNAME record on the DNS, but still not working.
There is some way to permit access to the intranet site suing the same old URL(intranet.hgg)?

Thanks for any Help...
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Since your AD domain name and your "intranet" domain name are different, you first need to create a new forward lookup zone "hgg" in your current AD DNS server, then create a host (A) or cname record "intranet" in that zone, pointing to the IP or FQDN of the web server.
How did you resolve "intranet.hgg" in your NT4 domain; did you use a hosts file? If so, you need to remove the old entry from the hosts file in order for the clients to request the address from the DNS server.
Have a look in IIS and see if it's using a host header. If so you can change it.
What enrties do you have in DNS for the webserver yopu're trying to access? Ensure you have no other records for the webserver unles it's an alias
JMFCAMPOSAuthor Commented:
The server Name is SRV002, and he have and host entry on the DNS.
I think that the problem is related with the name of the new 2003 Domain wich is HGG.LOCAL,
so the Url Intranet.hgg is not permited on the DNS as an alias name.
JMFCAMPOSAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much for your help.
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