Terminal Services Configuration doesnt work

We have a problem with two out of four Terminal Services 2008 Servers.
They run Windows Server 2008 Standard x64 SP1 with two Intel Xeon E5420 processors and 16GB ram.

When we either local or remotely try to open the Terminal Services Configuration tool it pops up with an error. Its about 90 days since we installed them and could configure them without problems.

One of them says: The settings for this terminal server cannot be retrieved. The remote server does not support running Terminal Services Configuration tool remotely.
The other says: Unable to complete operation:Not found
I've tried rebooting, tried looking in the event viewer, tried googling, but can't find a clue to anything.

Users can connect without problems.
But on the server which says "unable to complete operation:not found" there isn't many users connected.

Take a look at the list here:
 Server:     Active   Inactive   Total   FreeMem MB
 ts1            90          3           94       4554
 ts2           104         2           107     6781  <--- The settings for this terminal server cannot be retrieved
 ts3            24          2           26       13089 <-- Unable to complete operation:Not found
 ts4           107         3             110      4164       

I could reinstall Windows, but it takes a lot of hours installing all those special applications and such, so if I could fix it without reinstalling, it would be the best solution.
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fzDKConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
The solution to the problem was to run winmgmt /salvagerepository and reboot afterwards on one of the servers the other i had to run winmgmt /resetrepository and a reboot afterwards.

Everything runs smoothly now.
I am having these same errors on two different servers just like you did.

You told us what you ran but which command did you run on which error message??
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