How to filter email sending from computer.

I am using a email
Users should send email only to same domain and they should not send message to any other domain. I am using GOOGLE Applications for Email .  I have lot of remote users !!

Shall i install any software on remote user computer to block email to other domain?
Thanks in Advance...  
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macker-Connect With a Mentor Commented:
There is probably no way to control what they can do using Google Mail.  It is an external application, not under your control.  Whether you use Windows or Linux, if the application is a remote HTTP website, it would be up to that remote application to provide you with this control; I do not expect that control to be provided.

Your best option would be a dedicated mail solution, specific to your organization, which you can administer and control.
Your question is unclear.

For the people sending e-mail, are they using Linux, Windows, or both?

Are you trying to limit where they can send e-mail, from the client side, or the mail server side?

Do you have control of the mail server?  Is it running Linux?

Please expand on the details, so that answers may be provided.
cvinodhkumarAuthor Commented:
Sorry for not clear.
I am using google application for mail purpose.  Ten remote branches are there and each branch is having one system. They should send mail only to our domain.
To control branches sending mail to other email domain.  I have to filter computers in branches...   I have a option to use LINUX or Windows...... and they have seprate DSL connection.
cvinodhkumarAuthor Commented:
Installing any free proxy application on computer where user use to send mail,
it and can be filtered traffic  for my domain only?

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