Hardware Setup for Parallel Processing

We are using parallel processing toolbox in our office environment. Initially the requirement was not much critical and time was not a factor. Now time and requirements are critical and we are looking for an ideal hardware setup for making use of parallel processing.

Initially we created cluster on orthodox normal desktops with Pentium IV processor and 1 to 2 GB of RAM and all of them are connected with 100 Mpbs ehternet cable. We are now planning to change this cluster with a rack which can accommodate 16 processors (16 workstations) with only memory, processor and hard disk and all of them communication through fiber optics or with 1 GB network card.

Is there any recommended guidelines for implementing parallel processing, i mean is there any ready made racks from HP, Dell or SUN which accomodates 16 CPU's with memory, and hard disk only. the purpose of these processors is to only compute things and geive back the results to the server.

We are using MATLAB for creating cluster and using Parallel processing toolbox for running financial applications.

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shoeb_fbdConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
we purchased Dl 360 G5 server with high specs like 2 CPU's quad core and 16 GB memory with windows 2003 std. x64 edtion and installed workers on it to execute parallel applications
HP Dl320 G5 can take a Pentium 4 but it has to be configured to order, not available as a pre-built model.

You could use a blade solution but no Pentiums from HP for blades, Celeron or Xeon. 16 BL260cs would fit in a 10U c7000 enclosure, you could even use BL2x220c G5 and get 16 of them in a c3000 because they're 2 servers in one blade slot, Xeon only for them though.
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