PHP; Set Cookies Not Working

Having trouble setting cookies in different browsers.

The following snippet sets cookies in Firefox for the PC and for the Mac.
It does not set them in Safari or in IE7.
Safari does, however, respond to session_start() with a blank PHPSESSID.

Code is:
<?php session_start();
require_once('../Connections/conn_333mysql.php'); ?>
if (! isset($_COOKIE["selectfc"]))
{$rand = rand(10000,99999);
$expyr = 60 * 60 * 24 * 365 + time();
setcookie("selectfc", $rand, $expyr, "/", " ",0 );

Could somebody help with our errors please?
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first of all, you do not need session_start() for creating or reading cookies.

and what your problem is...

bool setcookie  ( string $name  [, string $value  [, int $expire  [, string $path  [, string $domain  [, bool $secure  [, bool $httponly  ]]]]]] )

you give the path "/" on your server, but probably you don't have permissions to write there. try "/tmp/". also if you don't write correct domain, most browsers won't accept your cookie as a security matter. so do the two above like that:

setcookie("selectfc", $rand, $expyr, "/tmp/", "",0 );
Ray PaseurCommented:
Here is my "remember me" code that sets a cookie to remember someone that logged in.  I don't think the path is the issue.

Be aware, that even though you set the cookie in your script, the cookie is NOT available in $_COOKIE until the next script.  Also, (at least in FF) the cookie is available to all windows and tabs until all windows and tabs have been closed - this confused me several times!

Try substituting your values into my code and see if that helps.  If not, post back here and we will do some debugging.

Best regards, ~Ray
	if ($cFlag == '') {
		$cookie_expires	= 0; // EXPIRE AT END OF SESSION
	} else {
		$cookie_expires	= time() + 6*60*60 + $my_cookie_life;  // +6 HOURS FOR GMT (SERVER IN CENTRAL TIME)
	$cookie_value	= $_SESSION["_cookie"]; // VALUE IS SET ELSEWHERE
	$cookie_name 	= "CP2C";
	$cookie_path	= '/';
	$cookie_domain	= ereg_replace('^www', '', strtolower($_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"])); // STARTS WITH DOT - NO WWW, ETC.
	$cookie_secure	= FALSE;
	$cookie_http	= TRUE;
	if (!setcookie($cookie_name, $cookie_value, $cookie_expires, $cookie_path, $cookie_domain, $cookie_secure, $cookie_http)) { /* echo "Cookie Failed"; */ }

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Ray PaseurCommented:
Hey, smudgemouse - thanks for the points.  Good luck with your project! ~Ray
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