Roaming Profiles Problems with one User

Hello Experts,

I have a User with Dom-Admin Rights in his Company, because he is the Owner.

I have set up Roamin Profiles on the W2K Server (Server is up to date with Servicepacks). It works good.

Then the Companyowners Profile will not be loaded and write back to Server. I set up in the GPO that the Admin have Rights to the Profile and the Rights will not be checked!

I have deleted the Profile on the Server, but with no success!

Perhaps the lokal GPO on the Client is demaged or so!

Have you some good Ideas to repair the Problem?

Thanks for the help!

best regards
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deibelAuthor Commented:
i deleted the user and created a new one
Profile problems are usually permissions related.

\\servername\profilesharename  is the location where your users profile is.

share permissions should be Administrators = Full Control, User = Change

File permissions should be  Administrators = Full Control, User = Modify, System = Full Control

Once this is set up ensure that the profile path is entered correctly in the users account under the profile tab.
next log in as the user and in the run box type \\servername\profilesharename  (as appropriate to your environment) and then a window should open up with the profile folder.  Check you can create a file in this folder, edit it and delete it.

If you can this means the permissions are correct.

With a roaming profile, you may also need to make sure either the Administrators group, or the specific user, is the owner of the entire profile.  

Depending upon how the permissions are set, owner may have an impact on whether the profile is available.
Did you try the permissions suggestions?  They usually work for us.  I was just wondering if you received any errors when setting the permissions for files and shares.
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