Is the IE 7 auto update JRE component?

Hi Experts,

I'm planning to deploy IE 7 across our domains through SMS, I need to know whether JRE is auto updated by IE 7 installation or I have to deploy it first before IE 7? I have the IE7 packaged and ready for deploymenet, I was wondering if there any other issue need to be considered before this deploying other than JRE update? as this will be a massive deployement across region for 6500+ machine.

Thanks a lot
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jcimarronConnect With a Mentor Commented:
mahmoud_attia--What version of JRE (by which I understand you to mean Java Runtime Environment)  do you have now?  Most recent versions of JRE are compatible with IE7.
I would not think that updates to JRE have anything to do with the installation of IE.  Automatic Java Updates are set from Control Panel|Java|Update tab.  
If you are talking about MSVirtual Machine, however, that is long obsolete.  You need to get JRE from Sun.  But again that should have nothing to do with IE.
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