How can i get rid of eshowbest bulk email virus?

My outlook is sending out bulk emails to all my contacts with the below message or a variation of it. i've tried AVG 8 anti-virus and Kaspersky both of which are not picking up anything. (it has been sent out twice so far)

Anyone know a manual way of getting rid of this if the anti-virus software is not finding the cause?

or could it be a spam email that i am inadvertantly looking at in auto-preview or something?

!! it could possibly be a hack on my hotmail account. i've tried changing the password and deleting my hotmail contacts to see if that stops it.
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mrsteve-itConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

If you still have these problems, use Spybot S&D
spenderrAuthor Commented:
I checked my hotmail account and found that the messages were sent from an IP address in China. i think a hacker got hold of my hotmail password.

the anti-malware tools were useful though as they picked up a few things as well. thanks for your help.
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