SSL Cert availble without Domain zone file validation

I have a customer who I need to secure their Exchange server relatively inexpensively with a trusted certificate.

I found but they require access to the zone file (in this case the hostmaster address) which I currently do not have access to.

Does anyone know of an alternative provider of SSL certificates that use an alternative authenticated method ?

Many thanks in advance
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ParanormasticCryptographic EngineerCommented:
All commercial CA's will have some sort of validation process to make sure they are issuing the cert to the correct company.  This is typically done using public records.  The website would be validated through ICANN or WHOIS directories, and authorized personnel would be declared to them and they would contact them via finding the company in a phone book and connecting to the employee via switchboard (company receptionist/operator).  There may be other requirements such as business documentation or personel ID (e.g. drivers license) that may be required as well for some CA's.

Some cheap alternatives are GoDaddy and RapidSSL - I'm not sure of their vetting requirements but I haven't heard any complaints.  The companies I have gone through this process with has been pretty painless - if you have problems I would just try calling up their sales people and explaining the situation and they usually have other methods beyond the automated that they can implement.

As a side note, you might want to google regfly or regfly scam...

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puterssupportAuthor Commented:
Many thanks.
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