How do I sync my Lotus Notes Calendar and Outlook Calendar

Hi All,

I am a consultant at work on site at a customers. I have been there a while, and they have supplied me with a Lotus Notes account with a calender etc. I have the e-mails being forwarded to my normal e-mail address which I check via webmail when on their premises. Most users know that I use my own e-mail address and calendar (on my own domain with Exchange and OWA). However, it would be handy if users could check my availability for meeting requests etc. Ideally from their own Lotus Notes system. So what I need is a tool that can grab my Calendar (using Web based Outlook as I can't get my mail though their firewall using IMAP) and syncs it with Lotus Notes.


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ZENandEmailguyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Not to throw a match on a fire <g> but Novell GroupWise 8 shipped yesterday and offers a new Calendar Publishing component that plugs into Apache or'd have to migrate your Exchange acct over to GroupWise but you could still continue to use the Outlook client.

The Calendar Publishing lets you publish your calendar to a website and then specify who can see, search and potentially add events to it.  I've only started setting mine up as the version 8 release code just came out yesterday morning.

And, the GroupWise Internet Agent provides full POP or IMAP (IMAP is preferred to get your specific calendar folders).
webtechyAuthor Commented:
"We're sorry the page cannot be found"

(Note that while on their network I will only have access to Webmail (i.e. the Web Based Outlook) to sync with - no IMAP to Outlook client installed on the same machine.
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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Oh shoot... I thought I posted the first link on that page, but that also turns out to be a non-existent page.

Here's the full search I did:

However, I think that the Connector won't help you, assuming that you don't have access to the server to install lots of goodies. I searched the Internet and .... nothing. I'm sure it is possible, but alas, nothing of the shelf.

> Note that ... etc.
Well yes, but might it already help you to export your appointments from Outlook manually, into some external format, and import them into Notes? AFAIK, Notes can handle vCard files.
webtechyAuthor Commented:
I guess I could - would just be a bit manual ...
Sjef BosmanConnect With a Mentor Groupware ConsultantCommented:
The object of this question being the import of appointments from Outlook into Notes, I have some problem...

Domino has a similar contraption: Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook, aka DAMO. Which is of no use, I think, since it requires installation at the server side. And I assume it is not possible to fetch appointments in Outlook and then push them into Notes. But webtechy, feel free to try!
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