sql server 2008 sql browser won't start

I have just installed sql server 2008 onto a vista ps. There is no other instance of sql running (I removed 2005 and all references to SQL and then reinstalled) The installation would not start SQL Browser.
I get the message The SQL Browser service port in unavailable for listening or invalid.
I have Panda antivirus installed on this PC and the firewall enabled. I am trying to connect to the sql service from another PC on the LAN using access as a front end, but I cannot semmt o be able to attach
to sql server. i think that the browser is the problem? Is this liklely? I can attach to SQL if I run access on the same visrta PC, so I believe it must be something that controls the remote connection that is the problem. Is this likely to be SQL Browser and how do i get it to start.
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thiyagukTech Lead Commented:
Did you able to connect to the sqlserver locally
if so,
Please refer,

and also find which port is used by sqlserver & panda antivirus.
And also enable the port in firewall,Panda antivirus.

please refer
TrilobyteMKRAuthor Commented:
I don't have SQL Server 2005 Surface Area Configuration in SQL 2008 and the options you mention are not available in the Database Engine. Do you have any specific suggestions for sql 2008?


TrilobyteMKRAuthor Commented:
I found that this solved my problem. It might of use to others.
Copied from Alan Crossy Access User Group UK.
I am using Access 2007 and SQL 2005 Express Edition on my new Vista Ultimate 64-bit machine and had some problems connecting to the SQL Server via ODBC. I had set up the linked tables on a previous (32-bit) machine and could not access the data even though I had set up a System DSN on my new 64-bit machine using the same parameters. The System DSN did not appear in the Access wizard for creating linked tables. It turns out that you can't use DSN's created by the ODBC Administrator accessed via the Control Panel as this is 64-bit only. You have to use the 32-bit version of the ODBC Administrator to create any DSN's that you want to use with Access (Access being 32-bit and all that). The 32 bit version of the ODBC Administrator is in the Windows\SysWOW64 folder as odbcad32.exe.
I haven't followed it right through, but it looks like the ODBC Administrator called by Access itself (if you go to set up the DSN all as part of setting up the linked tables from scratch) is the 32-bit version and will work. Mind you, you have to run Access in "Run as administrator" mode to be able to create a DSN in the first place.
What makes it more confusing is that the ODBC Administrator called by Administrative Tools in the Control Panel is also called odbcad32.exe, but this one is in the Windows\System32 folder.


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