How can I increase the number of allowed remote connections?

I am trying to connect remotely to my server but I get an error whenever I do so and as a consequence the session is immediately terminated. It is a windows 2003 server.

kemitHamiteIT DirectorAsked:
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Themaxx-caConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Also as a tip, you can connect to the console, adding one more possible remote desktop connection. The console is the session that you get when you are log in physically at the machine.

To connect at the console, use the following:
mstsc /v:SERVERNAME /console
JoWickermanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi kemitHamite,

By default Server 2003 has 2 terminal server (Remote desktop) licenses. To be able to make more connections, you'll have to purchase terminal server licenses from Microsoft and install terminal server licensing on your server.

thiyagukConnect With a Mentor Tech Lead Commented:
Try to kill the unclosed Sessions.
Please refer:
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