DataTableAdapter Related Problem

hi guys
i have web application recently i want to add a new column in the database but i am having problem at front end of my application i have updated all the relevant procedures but it doesnt let me add a new column for updating and inserting i have attached the code below.
            VideoItemsTableAdapter da = new VideoItemsTableAdapter();
            string _name = name.Text;
            int _gameid = Convert.ToInt32(((DropDownList)gameid.Controls[0]).SelectedValue);
 // adding this following new field
           int _gameidtwo = Convert.ToInt32(((DropDownList)gameidtwo.Controls[0]).SelectedValue);
            int _storyid = Convert.ToInt32(((DropDownList)storyid.Controls[0]).SelectedValue);
            DateTime _expirydate = Convert.ToDateTime(expirydate.Text);
            byte _rating = Convert.ToByte(((DropDownList)rating.Controls[0]).SelectedValue);
            DateTime _length = Helper.FormatVideoLength(length.Text);
            string _videofilename = videofilename.Text;
            byte _cretificate = Convert.ToByte(certificate.Checked ? 1 : 0);
           // _gameidtwo
               // [GameIDtwo] @GameIDtwo
            try // trying to update old data
                int RowID = Convert.ToInt32(Request.QueryString["RowID"].ToString());
                da.Update(1, _name, _gameid, _gameidtwo,   _storyid, _expirydate, _rating, null, _length, _videofilename, _cretificate, null, null, null, null, Convert.ToInt32(Session["UserID"].ToString()), RowID, RowID);
                SavingRepeaterItems(keywordsTableControlRepeater, RowID);
            catch (Exception exNewData) // saving new data
                    da.Insert(1, _name, _gameid, _gameidtwo, _storyid, _expirydate, _rating, null, _length, _videofilename, _cretificate, null, null, null, null, Convert.ToInt32(Session["UserID"].ToString()));
                    SavingRepeaterItems(keywordsTableControlRepeater, 0);

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Bob LearnedCommented:
Are you talking about adding a column in code, or through the DataSet designer?

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