How to forward email to another email server with same domain name whislt migrating email servers


I am implementing Exchange 2003 into our organisation but don't want to migrate everyone at the same time. Currently we have 60 users on Kerio Mailserver and to start with i want to be able to ensure that the config is right before i start the migration.

So far Exchange is in and i have created my new mailbox. It will send email to external domains but when i try to send to an internal address it is being bounced with 'The email account does not exist at the organisation' as it is only looking at the exchange box. How do i get Exchange to forward these unresolved recipients out to the internet or directly to my Kerio Mailserver?

Any help appreciated.
James HurleyIT ManagerAsked:
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Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
Hello projectkermit07,

Try using an SMTP connector for and forward all mail for that domain to the other mail system



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James HurleyIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Hi PeteLong,

At the moment i have a default recipient policy with domain.local as the priamry domain and have added a second smtp address with

I have followed this article and at first it seemed to work but the from address is appearing as domain.local. When i change the primary smtp in the default policy to i get NDR again.

any thoughts?
Have you configured MX records in your new account?
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Corcoran SmithCommented:
i'm surprised even though you've got the default recipient policy for you get an NDR.  are all AD user accounts showing up with the proper primary email addresses, etc?
James HurleyIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
corcoran, on further investigation they were not. it seems that i had not modified the filter rules.
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
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