I want to connect a Macbook to my network via ethernet (for exchange and internet) and to a Time Capsule via wireless (for backups). Currently it will only use one of the connections.

I don't know much about OSX.

I want to connect a Macbook to my network via Ethernet (for exchange and internet). And at the same time to a Time Capsule via wireless (for backups). When I last looked at it only one of the connections would work at a time.

I don't have the hardware available at the moment to play about with. But when I get hold of it I want it up and running as quick as possible.

An idiots guide would be great.

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calltmsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To my knowledge, there's no way to do this as the Time Machine isn't a sophisticated tool, it's just the free software Apple bundled in Leopard. Currently, your Mac should use the ethernet before the wireless, as it knows the ethernet (typically) has more bandwidth available. At any given moment, the hard drive that comes with the Mac will never be able to spin fast enough to utilize the full ethernet connection anyway, so two separate connections is unnecessary unless for redundancy.
RelentimAuthor Commented:
Hmm, that's annoying.

Currently the Time Capsule is supplying wireless internet access but not network access (for security).

I guess if I live without wireless web access (I am able to get web access through the Ethernet connection). I can get a similar effect using Ethernet through the Time Capsule?

NETWORK --ethernet-- TIME CAPSULE --ethernet-- MACBOOK AIR

I was assuming you could chuck the wireless and Ethernet connection on different subnets. Looking into it more, I may be right?

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