How to synchronize WDS images in distributed environment

We have almost 30 sites in our infrastructure. In each site we have WDS server. We are searching a way how to keep this WDS infrastructure updated from one "central" WDS server.

Our idea is to change image on the central WDS server and then to synchronize/update image on the rest of servers. WAN to some sites is slow (512 kbps), so some possibility of delta copy would be helpfull.

Thanks for any hint.
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You can create a DFS structure with the main site share being the root and setting replicas on the other servers.  Server 2003 R2 and better has Delta compression.  You can also set the links to be one-way replication.

The problem with this is that a change on the parent will sync with the subordinates, however you need to restart WDS on each server so that the changes are picked up by WDS.

I suppose you could script it to do this remotely to a list of servers using SC.exe and run it manually after each change is sync'd.


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glavinfoczAuthor Commented:
Thank you for comment. Just couple of questions:
Am I supposed to synchronize the whole REMINTS share, or just the part containing WIM and RWM Files?
On which level is the delta compression using DFS? If I change 100KB in a 2GB file, what ammount will be copied?

Thank you for info.

Just the part with the WIMs.  It'll have to be a share.

The Delta works at the bit level so only the change should replicate.

glavinfoczAuthor Commented:
Sorry for stupid question:
In the directory REMINST\Images\<image group name>\
there is WIM file (but very small) and RWM file (big, contains probably the image).

I understand that we have to synchronize the whole subtree REMINST\Images\.... And to restart WDS service after change.

Is it correct?
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