Bitdefender reports Trojan.Script.5758 in e-mail

Using Windows XP and MS Outlook 2003. One of our client's says that a mail we sent was infected by a trojan. This was the message she got: BitDefender Internet Security 2008 detected and blocked an infected message addressed to you. Your computer has NOT been infected.
Virus Description:
Action taken: blocked and deleted
Going to the hyperlink, I do not see that Trojan description, other than it is listed on their top 10 list of infections. I have scanned the mail with Nod32 and did not find anything. The same e-mail went through fine to other clients. The content of the mail: A couple of attached pictures in jpeg format and a HTML backround logo. I am worried that the mail is in fact infected, which means that our network could be infected with this. Does anyone know what this Trojan.Script.5758 is? I saw on their site that they have a link to buy Antivirus 2008, which lead me to the thought that Bitdefender Internet Security is not so trust worthy?

Thank you in advance

Thank you in advance.

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RobinHumanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Could just be that one of the images has become corrupted..
(you wouldn't see this in the thumbnails)
I Suggest that you go to an online antivirus such as and run the online scan on a pc which has received the mail;
this will check if it is, in fact, infected.
Sometimes, bitdefender can see code snippets that are legitimate as being viruse (as with most av's)
try this and post back with the results.

Kobz46Author Commented:
I will ask for it to be done and report back, thanx. They are business clients with their own technical people and unfortunatly not clients that we do IT support for. So we kind of got blamed for sending virusses. But I'll keep you posted as soon as I know the results.
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No problem - you might want to try running it on one of your pc's anyway, to reassure yourselves that your systems are not infected.
Kobz46Author Commented:
OK - so here is what happened: Just to make sure Bitdefender did not pick up some script from the backround image, I've sent the attachments again without the backround. Same thing happened - Bitdefender deleted the mail. So it must be unhappy with one of the images. I rescaned the images for virusses and it came up clean. So I compressed the images and resent it. This time she got the mail fine and Bitdefender did not complain one bit(no pun intended :-) )
when opening the photos. Had the pc scanned from where the mail was sent and also the one that received the mail.

Both came up clean. So the mistery continues, but she no longer requires convincing that the files are clean.

If anyone might have some ideas, I will appreciate; otherwise this will be the end of this question.
Kobz46Author Commented:
I'll accept and just want to say thank you for the timely response.
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