Backup exec version 12.5 for windows email notification fails

Hello Everyone,

I have installed a backup exec v12,5 on windows server 2003 standard edition that is connected to a domain. Into my domain there is also two domain controllers one exchange server and the backup server I am just talking about. The backup excc can be configured for email notification. There is no issue with the backup system as everything works perfectely, the only problem is the email notification. The exchange server is also working properly and there is no issue on that as well.

The exchange server internal ip is and the name of the exchhage server is 'exch-srv' that resolve the ip address indeed dns is properly configured. So there is not issue at all with Exchange server mail system works just fine

On the backup excec on the notification email there is simple configuration where the detail related to the exchange server need to be entered which are the exchange ip address or name and the email address field that need to be filled when an exstinguish email address. So i set up all those details plus the recipient which is the person that will receive the notification.

The problem is that those notification should be sent whenever a backup fails or start and so on, but the notification doesn't work and notification is not sent.

There is a test button to verify that notification is sent but when i click the test button still the same issue no notification is sent out. Obiviously only people that knows Backup exec can know what it can be the issue.

Any help please let me know.

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Hedley PhillipsOwnerCommented:
Have you run through everything in these docs:

Configuring SMTP for email or mobile phone text message notification


Configuring recipients
daveviolanteAuthor Commented:
sorry but I already went throght those guide they are also on the help feature on the software it self

The issue is somewhere else. While ago I configured the notifications and they were working. Then I took them off as we didn't need anymore. Now they are needed and I configured them on the same way how I did the first time.

The problem that this time they don't work
daveviolanteAuthor Commented:

So far I didn't get any further helps. The issue related to the mails notification is not related to the configuration it self. It must be something that is stopping the notification to be sent, but at the moment i cannot figure out what is.

If anyone knows some related issue that can cause this problem please let me know as the backup exec i am managing is production for the company i am working for. There is more then one engineer working on this issue but we are not able to solve it. Strange but true..
daveviolanteAuthor Commented:
Hi nobody has provided any helps. I put 500 points.

Strange that no one provided a solution. Fortunately I find out the way out to the issue and it was simple.
MCafee Antivirus 8.7i was blocking the notification. All it was needed is to modify the Anti virus rules.

So for this king of issue if anyone else has this problem check anti virus. Try to disable it first and try to send the notification if it works then anti virus rules need to be modified according to the antivirus guide related and installed to your system.


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Hedley PhillipsOwnerCommented:
Sorry I didn't get back to you. We had a couple of issues ourselves yesterday/today with our SAN box and I was a bit busy (read running round waving my arms panicking).

Well done for solving yourself.
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