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Hi all,

we currently use outlook to store all of our contacts. we use a public folder so they may be shared accross our network.

what we would like to do it customise the primary contact page by adding some new fields there.  if i view outlook and go to:
tools>forms>design a form
this takes me to a layout designer but its in the 2003 style. where is the 2007 layout designer and how do i get my newly designed layout to be the default primary contact page?



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DavidT543Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Customising Outlook Forms will feel like you have gone back about 10 years - but that is just the way it is.

A customised Contact form does not look the same as a non customised form. Once you have customised the contact form - you publish it to the Folder where the customised contacts will reside. Select Publish > Publish Form As    and browse to the contact folder. Give your form a name and select publish.

You then need to set this form as teh standard form for the folder. Rightclick the folder and select 'Properties'. On the main tab update the 'When posting to this folder use' drop down to use your new form. Any new contacts will now be based on your new form. To convert existing contacts yo need to run an automated routine to update the contacts to use the new form (there is no way to do this manually.)

Its quite a big subject. Hereis a link to one of the best web sites for developing Outlook - and custom forms.

I also published a whitepaper giving ideas on what you can do with custom contacts and you can download it here:

bede123Author Commented:
thanks for taking the time to repy with such clear instructions. that is probbly one of the best answers ive had on EE. thanks again. i'll give it a go
Is there an easy way to get the "picture" feature into a custom form?
All I found from Microsoft itself was this KB article, which was not very helpful http://support.microsoft.com/kb/823133

I also found this source code here http://www.codeproject.com/KB/office/MyContacts.aspx
but I cannot believe that there is no other way than extensive custom programming. :(
Btw. There is an easy way to change the form template for new and existing contacts in Outlook. Just use the macro-enabled Word document, which you can download from the Microsoft web site here http://support.microsoft.com/kb/201089/EN-US/

It is titled "Microsoft Word 97 Outlook Message Class Document" (file name: Omsgclas.doc). I tried it with Outlook 2007 and it worked there as well. It is also supposed to work with Outlook 2003.

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