Autoresponder Message when email sent to exchange group

Hi All,

We have several groups created in Active Directory that receive email. We would like to have an auto responder message sent to the sender when they email these groups.

We are using Windows server 2003 and exchange enterrpise edition v 6.5.

In the properties for the group under Exchange Advanced there is a check box to "Send Out-Of-Office: messages to originator".

However there is no way I can see to create the out of office message.

Also, by default OOO messages only send once to the sender. We'd like these to be sent for each email received.

Can someone tell me how to do this?



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MrLonandBConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Mike...I believe you will need to create a Public Folder to get what you desire...because when a mail is sent to a group...there's no method within the group to send an auto-reply message.

If you create a mail-enabled Public Folder, you can set a rule on the folder to reply to the originator with the message of your choosing. You can also set the same rule to forward the message to your group.
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