Windows XP Desktop Icons Move On Reboot

I have a Windows XP laptop that docks.  I take my laptop home every night.  How can I get my desktop icons to remain in the same place when booting from home or from work.  When docked at work I'm logging into a Windows 2003 network evironment.  Is this a local computer setting or a network setting?  Any registry edits that can fix this?
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sounds like you have 2 different resolutions set [one for when its docked & one when its not].

when it's docked, is the docking station connected to an external monitor?

verify the resolution of the monitor
 right click on the desktop > properties > settings tab \  screen resolution

take note of what this is.

undock the notebook and do the same thing...are they different?
AEOAHSAuthor Commented:
I have the laptop docked to an external monitor.  The screen resolution is set for the same settings.  Here's my cycle:  Boot at work, rearrange the icons where I'd like them.  Shutdown, undock, go home to work and on reboot the icons are moved.  I reset them where they should be, do my work, shutdown, go to work, redock, boot and the icons are moved always to the left in columns.  So, I rearrange the icons, shutdown, undock, go home, reboot and icons are moved again.  Is this a policy issue or network issue?   I've been trying to find the solution.  A google search had someone suggesting a registry item of "NoSaveSettings" DWord, value = 0.  That solution didn't work.
AEOAHS--This may help  scroll to "Save Desktop Icons Position".

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AEOAHSAuthor Commented:
The file that you pointed me to is very helpful in the fact that the icons still move to the left of the screen everytime I boot, BUT the utilitiy that I downloaded makes repositioning the icons as easy as once mouse click.  Time saver for sure!  Thanks for the solution!
AEOAHS--Thanks for the feedback.  Glad to hear things are well.
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