Prevent access to network shares from certain computers

I'd like to a way to prevent certain machines from accessing certain network shares.  Is there a way to do that, maybe based on computer account name?
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I've always been under the impression you grant rights to user accounts, not computer accounts. Is there a particular user account you use to login to this computer? If so, you can add that user account to the group in Active Directory that can access certain network shares, and ensure they are not added to the other groups where you want to deny access.

What you can also try, is create a login script which does not connect the network shares you want to block. Put a shortuct to this script in your startup folder on the start menu, and it will run every time the system is logged into. This will prevent the specified network drives from being connected.

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vaspAuthor Commented:
I had the same impression.  However a scenario has come up where I want to be able to demonstrate that certain computers on the domain cannot access a particular network share (or folder on the server), irrespective of who is logged on to the computer.

So UserA can access the share from PC1, but not from PC2.
vaspAuthor Commented:
Don't think what I wanted to do is possible and you kindly confirmed that for me!  Thanks for your help.
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