Ground Radars or Scanners for detecting GOLD

I am looking for affordable GROUND SCANNERS or RADARS for detecting precious metals with software to scan and detect for deep buried precious objects.  I found this site but it is too expensive for me:
Can anyone please suggest some good sites for this kind of devices ? I already bought a gold detectors and I found  it not useful and lacks capabilities.
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JohnjcesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Because gold is dense and not ferrous or ferroresonant, sort of like lead, and one away on the Element chart, it is difficult for standard metal detectors to detect. A standard metal detector uses coils that are connected to an oscillator and when most conductive metals are within this radiated oscillation pattern, and another coil that receives this magnetic wave sees a change in the beat frequency.

Anyway, gold is difficult to detect.

I am not certain if you are wanting an actual ground penetrating radar or a hand held treasure detector. Ground radars are going to be very expensive, while gold sensing treasure detectors will be less, but when searching for gold, they are much more expensive.

Here are some sites in the US anyway.

Good luck!

jomelsonAuthor Commented:
Hi John,

Do you know some sites in China who are selling ground penetrating radar or scanner?  Like cellphones and other consumer products,  China is selling much lower and cheaper for electronic devices.
No. Not at all. Sorry.

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