Display dataset record count in SSRS report Header?

I'm using Microsoft Visual Studio, SQL Server Reporting Services.
I have a report with multiple datasets, and wish to display the record count of the primary dataset in the report header.

How can I do this?

Thanks in advance...
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ValentinoVConnect With a Mentor BI ConsultantCommented:
The short answer would be that it's not possible.  But as with many things (and we don't give up easily): there's a workaround!  That's actually one of the important things to remember about SSRS: many things that you would first think of as being not possible are actually possible if you spend some time looking for it.  Some gems are exposed after opening about 5 popup property screens :-)

For your question I'll just point you to the following explanation (why repeat it if someone else already did it well): http://blog.irm.se/blogs/eric/archive/2006/05/25/Reporting-Services_3A00_-Data-in-a-Page-Header.aspx
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