Epson LQ-870 ESC/P Driver for Windows XP that will allow smaller margins in Access

I have to work with an Epson LQ-870 ESC/P impact printer for some reports in Access 2002. I have tried to set the margins lower than the default in Access but it will not allow it.

The driver I am using came with Windows XP. In Word, I can change the margins (it gives a warning), but it still prints.

I have been trying to find another driver for this printer for Windows XP that will work with Access 2002 and allow .25 margins. I have to change the font to 180x180 so it will print faster and not use so much ribbon.

I have googled the printer and there is nothing for Windows XP.

Any suggestions ?
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SeanStricklandConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I answered a question on "forcing" margins here:

It worked for one user, didn't work for another.  May work for your driver.  Give it a shot!

Sean Strickland
proffittwareAuthor Commented:
I will try this. I will also accept your solution.

Thanks for the tips and direction.
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