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I just received a server with Windows2008 Std Ed preloaded. Before I connect this server to our existing Windows2003 AD based domain as a member server, I wanted to ensure that there are no gotchas in doing so; are there? Also, I plan to use one of them (got two) as a second Terminal Server (the only TS we have now is Windows2003 R2 Std Ed. based). Any problems in doing that? I purchased user CALs for 2003 Terminal Server, can they be used with a 2008 based TS?
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bhanukir7Connect With a Mentor Commented:

as far as joining this win2008 server to an existing 2003 domain is, yes you can add to the existing 2003 domain. 2008 can co-exist in a 2003 & 2000 domain no issues with that.

As far as using the user CALS for 2003 for 2008 are concerned it can be best answered by the MS licensing team as they would provide you with alternate options or maybe be a free upgrade or a discounted upgrade for the existing licenses.

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