Black Berry Second Server Installed with Exchange How do i disable it while not effecting black berry?

I have one DC on a Windows SRV 2003  that is also the Exchange 2003 Server and file server. Recently we had to install Black Berry Pro. which we installed on a virtual machine with WIN SRV 2003, all worked properly without any problems.

The problem is that later i realized that on this machine exchange has been installed in fact from my actuall DC (SERVER A) in the exchange manager under the Administrative Group>First Storage Group>Servers i now see SERVER A and SERVER B.

Basicaly i would like to remove or disable the exchange on SERVER B with out effecting SERVER A and the Black Berry.

Maybe i can right click and delete it or select remove server?
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RobinHumanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
see this article:
In your blackberry server configuration, check that it is looking to the correct exchange server
hope this helps you
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