What does this Cisco license pack contain and is the PAK inside it so if sealed is it re-saleable


I have aquired a sealed CISCO license pack for Cisco Unified Communications Manager Cisco License pack number LIC-CM-DL-500.

I know these are 500 Deivice Unit Licenses for Cisco's enterprise Voice over IP (VOIP) solutions.
I also know these cost at least £12,000 + VAT online but I need to establish what the pack will contain for example if it contains the Product Activation Key (PAK) and if this is only inside the package so it can't effectively have already been registered or used before witout it being opened.

Also if anyone (CCVP) can confirm the process invoived in registering these licenses and if them being bought by anther original purchaser will cause any problems using them on CISCO's licensing site and generating the required license file for installation.

Any help would be appreciated as I need to know if they will be fully usable i.e. in saleable condition.

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ChopperCenturyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The purchaser does not matter, as long as you legally own the licenses. The PAK will be inside the package. With your valid CCO id, go to the following website to register and retrieve the license with the contained PAK.

gardmanITAuthor Commented:

The licenses came from an IT company that went bust and these were part of a lot of fairly old hardware that was cleared. Hardly surprising they went bust if they had £12,000 + VAT worth of licenses sat on the shelf!

They are therefore legally obtained licenses and I can sell them. I just needed to ensure the PAK code wasn't supplied along with the license pack as then it might have already been used for one of this companies customers.
I didn't want to resell the license pack to find it had already been used! Would have made me look like I was trying to con someone which I didn't want.

Thanks very much for your answer and for clarifying this. If you know anyone who want some half price licenses let me know!

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