C# Refresh Underlying form data

I am working on a C# winforms application.

I have Form1 and Form2.

On Form1, I have Label1.  I open Form2 by clicking on a button on Form1 (Form1 remains open as well).

When I close Form2, or perform another method on Form2, I would like to refresh the text in Form1.Label1.

Can anyone help me with the code to do this.

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Anurag ThakurTechnical ManagerCommented:
you need to implement delegate and event in this case
in form2 closing event you will raise an event which will be handled by a hanlder for the event and delegate in form1
please go through the following link as its implemeting something similar to your requirements

all the links have my reference in them :)
Cheers - Ragi
hi suggestion why dont u use events when u close form 2 fire an event which is handled in form1
when the event is fired , the event handler will have code to change the label1's text
you dont need delegates only if u are passing event values can be done without delegates
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jamesdean666Author Commented:
I am still struggling with this.. Can you please provide some code?
Anurag ThakurTechnical ManagerCommented:
the code pieces are provided in all the 3 links i have pasted
and i know that they are working

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can you post the code snippet that you have and i can modify it to work
jamesdean666Author Commented:
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