PS2 to USB adapter Not Functioning on PS2 KVM

I have a PS2 KVM switch. I'm trying to use PS2 to USB adapters to plug up the server with the KVM switch. I get "Unrecognized USB Device" everytime I plug the adapter into the server.  Can someone please help!
Jess TolsonAsked:
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ndaryConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Most USB to PS/2 adaptors are USB 1.1 devices that been detected as standard "USB interface device" by the operating system (Linux or Windows etc..) the driver is already exits in the system that most OS deployment.

In your case i would connect the USB to PS/2 adaptor to a standard XP machine and see if its been detected correctly, if not i would replace the adaptor.  
That does not work if it was not the convector supplied my the KVM Manufacturer. Alternately, want you may try is to connect a USB Keyboard directly to the PC and boot it up. Once the Keyboard is recognised then unplug the USB keyboard and then connect the KVM switch. If this doe not work, you may consider the solution will not work as i have faced this quite a number of times and the above method is what i tries it sometimes works.
Jerry SolomonNetwork  AdministratorCommented:
The Belkin USB adapters are pretty reliable with KVMs. One of the things I learned a long time ago is that not all KVMS and adapters are created equal--find a KVM, Adapter, Keyboard and Mouse that work well together--and keep them together!!

You may also just check to see if there is a special driver for the adapter you have--the error you are getting looks more like an issue with the adapter and the computer, than anything to do with the KVM.

Once again, I swear by the Belkin adapters.
You need to change the settings of USB in BIOS to Legacy USB - enabled and also USB to 1.1
Use a PS2 Keyboard to get to the Bios.
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