We have a Cisco 4000 that does not see a fiber connection.

Cisco 4000 connected to a Cisco 3560G w/ a fiber converter that connects the wired SC class fiber to the mini-port of the 3560.

Both Ciscos see the connector but neither see the fiber signal.  We do see a light at both ends of connection.  

Is there something we missed or has to be done on the Cisco(s)?
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Assuming that they are both running IOS, try putting this in the config for the interface on each side:
speed nonegotiate

If the 4000 is running CatOS, try putting that just on the 3560. If that doesn't do it I'l lookup up the equivalent command for Cat OS.

What kind of converter do you have? Is it fiber to copper? If so is it ethernet or Fast ethernet?

harbor235 ;}
ikeeponAuthor Commented:
sc to a mini-fiber converter

I'll try that suggestion
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Ensure that the Trunk has been setup I have seen on Switchs and routers if the Trunk is not setup correctly, what does your config look like.
Doesn't necessarily have to be a trunk unless he wants to push multiple vlans down the fiber.

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ikeeponAuthor Commented:
your on the right track
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