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Email from two person not received on my Blackberry

Hi Guys,How can I troubleshoot this.
I never receive emails from 2 person on my Blackberry. I receive them on outlook.
I tried to look at the log files but nothing.
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1 Solution
The 2 usual reasons are...

Filters - If you have a filter set up on your BB to restrict which messages you recieve

Rules - if you have a rule created to move the messages for those users to a different folder.

Are you using a BES server, or your carrier BIS?
zdingelitAuthor Commented:
We use a BES server.
I see this in the MAGT logs:
I can see that the user received a packet but I don't see from who ??
Sorry I am Newer in BES environment.

[40000] (11/17 15:06:51.476):{0x1514} [BIPP] Received datagram, Tag=46352
[40700] (11/17 15:06:51.476):{0x1708} {user1@domain.com} Receiving packet from device, size=48, TransactionId=2112093457, Tag=46352, content type=CMIME, cmd=0x3
[40698] (11/17 15:06:51.476):{0x1708} {user1@domain.com} Receiving OTAFM request from device, Tag=46352, TransactionId=2112093457
[40572] (11/17 15:06:51.476):{0x1708} {user1@domain.com} Receiving MESSAGE_STATUS_UPDATE request from device, Tag=46352, TransactionId=2112093457, RefId=-1580600404, MsgStatus=1
[40262] (11/17 15:06:51.476):{0x1708} {user1@domain.com} StateDb - Found RefId=-1580600404
[40699] (11/17 15:06:51.476):{0x1708} {user1@domain.com} OTAFM request from device processed
[40279] (11/17 15:06:51.476):{0x1708} {user1@domain.com} SubmitToRelaySendQ, Tag=46352
[40000] (11/17 15:06:51.476):{0x1420} [BIPP] Send status DATA_ACCEPTED, Tag=46352
[40000] (11/17 15:07:03.554):{0x1514} [BIPP] Received datagram, Tag=46353
[40700] (11/17 15:07:03.554):{0xAF0} {user2@domain.com} Receiving packet from device, size=48, TransactionId=1848947986, Tag=46353, content type=CMIME, cmd=0x3
[40698] (11/17 15:07:03.554):{0xAF0} {user2@domain.com} Receiving OTAFM request from device, Tag=46353, TransactionId=1848947986
[40572] (11/17 15:07:03.554):{0xAF0} {user2@domain.com} Receiving MESSAGE_STATUS_UPDATE request from device, Tag=46353, TransactionId=1848947986, RefId=-399812029, MsgStatus=1
[40262] (11/17 15:07:03.554):{0xAF0} {user2@domain.com} StateDb - Found RefId=-399812029
[40699] (11/17 15:07:03.554):{0xAF0} {user2@domain.com} OTAFM request from device processed
[40279] (11/17 15:07:03.554):{0xAF0} {user2@domain.com} SubmitToRelaySendQ, Tag=46353
[40000] (11/17 15:07:03.554):{0x1420} [BIPP] Send status DATA_ACCEPTED, Tag=46353
[30247] (11/17 15:07:27.867):{0x14D4} Server stats - Msgs: Forwarded 15378, Sent 1017, Pending 0, Expired 0, Filtered 505
[40853] (11/17 15:07:57.601):{0x1710} {user1@domain.com} Starting Tasks rescan
[40891] (11/17 15:07:57.601):{0x1710} {user1@domain.com} No changes detected, rescan complete (type=Tasks)
[40000] (11/17 15:08:03.570):{0x1420} [BIPP] Ping 23971 sent
[40000] (11/17 15:08:03.570):{0x1514} [BIPP] PingResponse 23971 received
[40690] (11/17 15:08:07.476):{0xD98} {user2@domain.com} Starting message status rescan
[40691] (11/17 15:08:07.492):{0xD98} {user2@domain.com} Message status rescan completed
[40000] (11/17 15:08:13.304):{0x1514} [BIPP] Received datagram, Tag=46354
[40700] (11/17 15:08:13.304):{0xB3C} {user3@domain.com} Receiving packet from device, size=48, TransactionId=-1570972013, Tag=46354, content type=CMIME, cmd=0x3
[40698] (11/17 15:08:13.304):{0xB3C} {user3@domain.com} Receiving OTAFM request from device, Tag=46354, TransactionId=-1570972013
[40572] (11/17 15:08:13.304):{0xB3C} {user3@domain.com} Receiving MESSAGE_STATUS_UPDATE request from device, Tag=46354, TransactionId=-1570972013, RefId=-1948644534, MsgStatus=1
[40262] (11/17 15:08:13.304):{0xB3C} {user3@domain.com} StateDb - Found RefId=-1948644534
[40699] (11/17 15:08:13.320):{0xB3C} {user3@domain.com} OTAFM request from device processed
[40279] (11/17 15:08:13.320):{0xB3C} {user3@domain.com} SubmitToRelaySendQ, Tag=46354
[40000] (11/17 15:08:13.320):{0x1420} [BIPP] Send status DATA_ACCEPTED, Tag=46354

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You are looking at the DISP logs. Take a look at the MAGT logs and you will see a lot more.
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zdingelitAuthor Commented:
I am sorry but it is MAGT logs ? !!! BESSERV_MAGT_01_20081117_0001
Yes, that is the log file. BESSRV is your server name, 01 is the messaging agent number, 20081117 is the date, and 0001 is the log instasnce name (in case the agent is restarted in the day).
Oops i misunderstood. you said that was the MAGT logs and i missed it.

The section you pasted in is the device sending stuff backward... look for "New Message" around the time when you recieved the note in Outlook.
zdingelitAuthor Commented:

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