Can I use ADSL to work with SDSL in same network?

Dear experts,

I have a question regarding SDSL & ADSL; probably a weird one that I don't know which category I can put this in. Here is my situation.

My company has 4 sites, 1HQ and 3 remote offices. All remote offices are connected to HQ with VPN (24/7) on ADSL. One of the remote offices (called ReOFF1) employs more people and things over there are getting slower. This starts to affects other sites, as well as in HQ.

My plan is to install an extra SDSL line between HQ and ReOFF1, while leaving the other 2 sites to run on an ordinary ADSL line. I don't know if that works and even don't know where to start looking. We can't afford to put SDSL on all sites so thats out of equation, beside the other 2 offices don't require to dial in as often/much as ReOFF1.

So this is what I want to achieve :-

A SDSL line between HQ and ReOFF1 (will have 2 SDSL routers of course). While the existing ADSL line will serve as usual, ALL communications between HQ and ReOFF1 will be via the SDSL line.

Is this possible? Two routers in the same network? I couldn't figure out what to do with a gateway. Can any expert point me at a right direction to do the research? Or shall I be better contacting a Telecom company?

Thanks in advance

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SysExpertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Certainly possible, but you might consider a load balancing router or one smart enough to handle both lines.

I hope this helps !
ormerodrutterAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your reply SysExpert.

Could you tell me where I can do some research please? How can we ensure communications between HQ and ReOff1 will use the SDSL line? What kind of device will handle that?

You need to look into routing metrics by cost, that can be set in the router or on the windows machines.

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