Table cells being repeated firefox & safari

I'm doing this simple website ( using just basic table layout... if you view it in firefox, you can see a sliver of the bg is repeating on the right hand side of the content.

Any suggestions?
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tables with BG are fairly simple to handle if you don't allow the extra room for the repeat.  e.g. if the BG is 435 px wide, you want the table to be only 430 px wide, to account for the padding and margins.  The other way to do it is style the table in CSS to remove the padding and margin, like this --

TABLE, TD  {margin:0px; padding:0px. border:0px; }

If you have the table and BG at the same width, or the table wider than the BG, you will see this problem.
right now your webserver is down
well it's back up now, but the page renders fine for me in FF3
hzrdc2Author Commented:
maybe it's just a mac thing... I'm assuming you don't see the one pixel line? (see attached)

nope, I dont see it.
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