Having issues getting SSH to work accross internet.

Can't access a Redhat server from outside of the PIX via SSH
can access the server via SSH on both NIC's from inside the PIX
machine was rebuilt (after disk failure) with the same IP addresses.
can ping anyplace on the internet from server.
PIX has following conduts: permit IP host xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
eq ssh
eq www
eq ftp
eq 8080
nothing else has changed
server with that IP was accessable from outside before failure.
need to remotly manage server from remote locations.
MPontoNetwrok AdminAsked:
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wilsjConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if that doesn't work then try the following

clear arp
The servers firewall or selinux may need to be configured to allow access from outside your local network.

MPontoNetwrok AdminAuthor Commented:
How might I accomplish that?
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Can you put the config up without the outside IP info?  
I think if you do a clear xlate on the firewall you should be ok. If you change an IP the mac address is still held on to in the pix.
MPontoNetwrok AdminAuthor Commented:
worked like a charm
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