An error occurred while loading 'form_frmagent', do you want to continue loading the project

Ok I've been (with help) constucting a database for a client of mine.  The system runs accross a network with a frontend system connecting to a core database.  All was working fine, untill we recently added the latest update to the core and frontend.  The front end is installed on 5 workstations throughout the office, and of course the core data is installed on the server.

On the first 4 workstations, the new frontend was installed and worked fine, the 5th (which happens to be their MD's pc) decided it didnt want to work. instead comes up with ...

An error occurred while loading 'form_frmagent', do you want to continue loading the project.

If you say no, access closes, and if you say yes you get more garbled messages and nothing works.

invalid proceedure call or argument.

I also get the message saying :

The database cannot be opened because the VBA project contained in it could not be read. etc
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tiranathonConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
managed to solve this by installing office updates.
Sounds like your link isn't working - or, if you're using ADO, etc.  your ODBC isn't the same.  Are you using a DSN or are you connecting 'long hand"?

Scott C
Try to install it on other PC, if it works then you can identify the spot that creates the problem, sw or hw.
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