Create Group 4 tiff

I created  a tif file using the following code but when i try to import the pages using our imaging system (UNIsys InfoImage) i get an error  Invalid format.  Invalid Tiff Format is the error i get.
I used the following code.  
 Dim newBitMap As New Bitmap(desiredWidth, desiredHeight)
                        Dim Grp As Graphics = Graphics.FromImage(newBitMap)
                     Grp.DrawString(docType, drawFont, Brushes.Black, 2, 2)

I believe the file must be group 4 image
Is there anyway to convert this file to group 4 using

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Bob LearnedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to take a different approach to create a TIFF image, since it has a different structure, and requires frames.

Here is an article that describes one possible solution:

How to create a tiff multipage from an array of images
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