Dell m1730 freezes upon viewing TV on Windows XP through USB TV Tuner

Hello, I am trying, with little success, to watch TV on my Dell Inspiron m1730, Windows XP SP3, with a Dell Angel USB tuner card. For a graphic card I have a Nvidia 8700 512mb. For some unknown reason everytime I try to view TV on my laptop, my machine give me the blue screen of death and then restarts. I tried the newest version of Cyberlink PowerCinema 5. I will install the program, set up the channels and everything in the settings menu, but when I click on the atual TV icon, it freezes and restarts. Same thing with Nero 9. I have the latest version and when I try to boot up Nero Live and click actually try to watch TV it will freeze on me.

Its interesting to note that Television worked fine through Windows Media Center 2005 on my other laptop the Inspiron 9400 using the same Dell Angel USB Tuner. I read somewhere online where new codecs might be at fault, so I uninstalled K-Lite Codec Pack 4.31 FULL. I also uninstalled my newest video drivers (downloaded from nvidia site) for my Nvideo 8700 512mb and installed older versions. None of that  helped. I then tried to install the drivers dell has listed on their site for video as well as well as the Ageia Physx drivers and STILL when I try to play TV it freezes on me. The drivers for my TV card seem to be the only ones available.
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From what I can find according to the specs the only OS the card was designed to work with is Media Center 2005, while it is a version of XP there is still some differences and there is hardware that will only work on the Media Center OS. I have seen this issue with Media Center remotes before.
tolylAuthor Commented:
Is there really no other way to make it work with XP. Some registry tweaks or something ?
It's possible but I have not been able to find any. Keep it open and see if any other experts may have a fix.
UPDATE: It now works !!  II tried using GB-PVR with the same tuner and for TV guide I am using Schedules Direct and everything works. It even lets you use rewind live TV or pause it, I feature which I don't really like, it slows down the program, changing from channel to channel takes a couple seconds, so that the temp file that's being recorded is closed and a new one started for the current channel.

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