PC Anywhere host crash after connection

Our company has a few employes who use a VPN to connect to our network for the purpose of using Symantecs PC Anywhere software to do work at home. Untill now the software has worked flawlessly. I have set up two more users for the VPN and installed and configure the host and remote computers. The problem is the host process on these work computers crashes after the inital connection as they atempt for example to open outlook. Once this crashes the computer is no longer on the quickconnect list and when inspecting the computer it shows the frozen icon in the system tray. The icon shows it is busy(connected) and then when you move your mouse to the system tray the process closes out. These two users can connect to any of the other pc's running the host without a problem. These machines do not have assigned ip addresses but other users have the same setup and do not have a problem. I have tested one of the notebooks that was attempting to connect and it works fine in the office and connected through my blackberry and the vpn software. I have other users with the same ISP ( Road Runner ) as the users that cannot connect. Any ideas what could cause this crash.
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twestfallAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the advice. I tested both computers and compared them to a working machine and found nothing out of the ordinary. I ended up testing a software called RealVNC and it works flawlessly. It even seems to be a bit faster than PC Anywhere.
1)  Check kfor malware ( hijackthis ver 2 )

2) Compare Full winmsd reports of a working and non-working machine

3) Check the event logs and the local and remote

I hope this helps !
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