Can I recreate RAID 5 setting after RAID controller crash without loosing the Data on the 3 Disks?

My RAID controller totally crashed on me and I got a replacement from HP.
After installing the new RAID controller ther is no RAID setting of my RAID 5 for the 3 disks in the server.
Can I just recreate the RAID 5 setting without loosing all the data on the disks or what do I need to do to get the server backup?
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andrew_aj1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I would contact HP and ask them for their exact procedures on how to do this - you do not want to accidently lose all your data. They should be able to easily help you out.
Good luck.
mgrennanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes you can but Andrew is correct


The RAID array information is on your disk.  The controller should be able to read and understand how the array was being used.

The way you put these thing together is critical.  If one disk crashed first and the array ran for any time, it will need to be left out or you will corrupt your RAID.  

DON'T DO THIS WITHOUT MORE INSTRUCTIONS!  - But generally if the controller died and the disks all when off line at the same time, you can replace the controller and when you power on it will see it has different RAID ID then the ones on the disks and ask how you wish to proceed.   Something like... Read Info from Disk or continue.   You want to read the settings from the disk.

Every controller varies and some have very confusing prompts.

Good luck.

MarcoMatsuiAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys... I got it fixed and HP just told me the same you guys did.
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