Backing up to a network location using dbbackup.exe

I am trying to use the dbbackup.exe utility included with Sybase SQL Anywhere 9 to back up a few databases to a network location nightly.  The problem I'm having is that dbbackup only accepts local paths for its backup target.  I'd like to backup directly across the network to a shared drive.  I have the folder I want to backup to (//servername/backup) mapped as Y:.  Within the batch file I'm using to do this backup I have an entry for each database like the following:

c:\progra~1\sybase\sqlany~1\win32\dbbackup.exe -c "dsn=example" y:\backup\example.db -y

The problem is obviously that the scheduled task does not see the mapped network drive.  The only option I can think of is backing up the file locally then copying it across the network and deleting the local backup, but as I said I'd much rather do it directly to the drive if possible.
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You are correct; the batch task is not able to use the mapped network drive.  The problem is usually with the connection and/or authentication information.

Sybase is not the problem because it cannot tell the different between a local and a mapped drive.

You may have to script the mapping of the network drive as well so that it all happens together.  Take a look at some of the Windows script enhancements like PowerScript (there are others as well) that will give you enough control you can map the drive, check the status, run the backup, and unmap the drive.


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