Need your help to setup wiki for my website

Hi guys,

I want to setup wiki ... any one, but free at least in the beginning, for testing and playing, need your help, which to select and how to setup, first on my windows desktop, and my linux desktop & then with my hosting company.

Need some good links or some very good how to series too.

thanks in advance,
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mgrennanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What language do you want to use?

I like written in PHP.  It is simple and is used my most people.
AdnanKurtovicConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Making a wiki website in 2 minutes.Just like you use for making a blog, you can use the services of for making a free wiki. Creating a Wetpaint wiki is very simple, anyone can start a free wiki website and can share with their family, friends, and colleagues. Time Magazine has rated wetpaint as the top 50 websites of the world for the year 2007. According to Time,
Wetpaint makes it super easy for non-techie people to create a Wiki or contribute to one. Even companies are using it: Food & Wine magazine has a Wetpaint Wiki; CBS started one for CSI fans and T-Mobile created one for the Sidekick. 
Some of the salient features of wetpaint wikis are :: You can make your wiki private or public. If you dont want to be edited by others make it private.
There are variety of Pre-Populated Templates for Classrooms, Group Projects, Groups of Friends, Sports Teams, Book Clubs, Weddings etc.
Building wiki is very simple due to Click-and-Type Page Editing, Easy Photo/Video Integration, Customizable Page Templates, Spell Check, Cross-browser Consistency etc.
RSS updates for new pages, recently updated pages,recent comments etc.
You can also use web analytics services like google analytics, sitemeter to track the visitors of your wiki.
You can increase the popularity of your wiki through invite other features of wetpaint, address book, messaging services.
Watch out some of the great wiki websites.

from ""
If you want more options for your site, have you considered using some CMS (I would suggest Joomla) and there you have extensions that you could use to make wiki. Though it is more complicated then previous way. If you decide to use Joomla and not Wetpaint, please contact me and I'll try to help you :D
funnymanmikeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Install it in a virtual environment, and you can access it from all sources by putting on your intranet.
The website contains a lot of useful guides on how to, everything from installing the system, to creating your own documents. They also have a Outlook add on that allows you to save a email directly to the wiki.

out of all the wiki's i have found this one the simplest to use, no special code to learn.
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