Updates to public contact folder not showing up on clients with the public contacts in their favorites.

When the public contacts are updated, the updates aren't showing up for people who have the public contacts setup as a favorite in outlook contacts.  Ideas?
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DavidT543Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Usually just forcing a Send-Receive (Tools > Send/Receive > Send/Receive All)  will let the offline favorites catch up with the online contacts.

If not it could be that you need to check the send receive options on Public Folder Favorites.

Tools > Send/Receive > Send/receive settings > Define Send receive groups

Make sure an automatic send receive is scheduled for every 15 minutes or so.( Tick the box)

Now in same windwo highlight  'All Accounts' and select Edit

In folder options scroll down and check that Public Folders are shown - and that the relevant folders are ticked.

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